Cliff May home perfection in Long Beach, CA

We interrupt our normal scheduled blogging to bring you mid-century perfection: A newly renovated Cliff May home in Long Beach, CA.

Click on the purple Houzz link below to read on about this property, it’s challenges, and more fabulous examples of mid-century decor at it’s best.

Sleek and Simple Lines = A Healthy Alternative to Crack

The house is coming along nicely, thanks to relentless searching, but in part thanks to some really groovy sellers I’ve discovered. If you love mid-century as much as I do, you know how hard it can be to obtain if you’re on any kind of budget. (Common man? Budget? Crack? You’re welcome.) Featured this week is one of my very favorite blogs, “Sleek and Simple Lines.” This husband and wife duo attend garage sales and estate sales to rescue mid-century treasures, bring them back from the brink of despair and restore them to their original glory. As far as price points go they’re somewhere in the middle, between Craigslist and a retail shop. Pretty fair in my mind, considering all the labor that goes into restoring these beautiful pieces. What’s more, you can spy fabulous mid-century modern, atomic and Danish modern gems from the comfort of your own cardboard box.  The Sleek and Simple Lines blog itself is something to behold. Sweet morsels of mid-century are beautifully staged with detailed descriptions so that you know exactly what you’re buying. (Thus, no after-high remorse) Be forewarned. The drool-worthy photos displayed on this blog can be addictive. I find myself returning to the site again and again, just to see what new things have been revealed. (And it leaves me with the shakes for that which I cannot have)

I found my extremely rare Adrian Pearsall drreeeeam of a chair from the Sleek and Simple Lines website. In fact, when I needed a formal dining room table that would by itself be an excuse for a good soiree, you can probably guess where I found it. Not only that, but it was delivered with a smile to my front door step for a modest fee. Bring it, Don Draper. I’m ready for the party!

Said Atomic Table

The folks at Sleek and Simple are very fair on their prices, but more importantly, they’re just good people. If any of you mid-century junkies are in Southern California, you need to do yourself a favor and check these guys out!

Being that I’m sooooo generous, and not at all afraid you’ll snag the next bump before I do…..(sigh) here is where you can get your kicks:

Disclaimer: Make sure you’re sitting down. This stuff will blow your hair back!!!!

Lines in the Carpet

You can’t have a blog about mid-century furniture and not run the risk of coming across as superficial. I was reminded of this when reading a friends random post on Facebook. My own worst critic, it got me to thinking….am I placing too much importance on the things of this world rather than the people in it? Answer: abso-freaking-lutely not.

My purpose, and I hope that it comes across in all my rantings is to create a place for myself and my family; a home – that is uniquely ours where we can all be comfortable and enjoy each other. A home where some of my family’s heirlooms have pride of place and their back stories are known and shared. I think mid-century allows for that more than any other design. It’s simple, it’s minimalist…it allows you to be the focus. The other day, my husband said jokingly, “Ah… but we can’t use this because it’s mid-century.”(You don’t think he’s tired of my obsession do you?) I quickly reminded him that I don’t buy anything that which isn’t actually used. Make no mistake, if I can’t use it, it’s not coming home with me. I’ll leave that to you hoarders. (Shudder) My best friend will tell you that I get absolutely giddy when I think about having a garage sale and ridding myself of clutter and things that just do not see the light of day.  She’s been many a co-host to my spontaneous sales. “Can’t stand it, won’t have it, get rid of it! WEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!”

My mother has said that my grandmother “Nana” used to vacuum lines in the carpet, and tell the kids to stay out of the living room. She would know when she came home if they had disobeyed because she’d be able to see the footprints. Let it be known that my grandmother was an amazing woman and I hope you’ll continue to read my blogs where I can share more positive things with you about her. However, if there is one thing Nana didn’t mess around with it was her “stuff.”

Now, we can take this example and learn from it, as my mother did. Do we want our kids growing up and telling their kids about how living with us was like living in an internment camp? I think not. What kind of memories do you want to make? What’s more important? I think for me, all the mid-century “stuff” is something I’m passionate about and want to share with my family, friends and like-minded people. I get excited when I find something for a steal that I wouldn’t ordinarily be able to get my hands on. But that something is going to be shared and used – and damn it, I’m going to make good memories on it, with it or around it. I want my home to be somewhere people can be comfortable and let loose; where the furniture is just as quirky and colorful as I am, not where people are afraid to step on the lines in the carpet. (Because I WILL cut you.)

I’m only kidding. Just try me. What? You heard me.

Now in all seriousness here is a perfect example of use. My so-ugly-they’re-cute dogs. They’re frenchies. They’re adorable, but they stink. They stink, they snore, they drool, they fart. And yes, I let them on my furniture. Because I love them more than the furniture.

Pearl on Pearsall
Bedtime Stories for Pig

Please note, the Pearsall chair that Pearl is happily sleeping on is my one and only designer piece of furniture. I had to have it. Vintage, Original tweed. Adrian Pearsall. Look him up. Probably one of the most influential designers of the time; also a very dead designer. Dead and gone…just like I will be one day. And when I get to heaven I want Pearl to walk up to me and say in her very dainty voice, “Hey…thanks for letting me catch some Z’s on that Pearsall chair. That thing was AWESOME! And so were you.”

The moral of the story here is love it, use it, share it with the people (and animals) you love.