Vintique – New Favorite Destination

A few weeks back, a friend and I journeyed to Lake Elsinore hearing tales of a place called Thriftique. (See August Archives “She’s Thrifty Thrifty Thrifty”) We heard a rumor that Thriftique would be launching a new store to be called “Vintique” just around the corner. So to get my husband and child to go along with yet another “treasure hunt” I used a “quick pit stop” in Elsinore as a ploy to do some investigating. So en route to San Juan Capistrano, we pulled off at the much-anticipated “Vintique.” SUCKERS! Our pit stop turned into a time warp. What a joyous occasion!

The fab owners graciously allowed me to take photographs and drool all over their premises. It must be said: Vintique has it all: French country to kitsch, Victorian to mid-century modern. You will find reading rooms for young and old, sewing and fabric rooms, there is something for everyone. Whatever makes you hot, baby….come get your fix at Vintique. I’ll just shut up and let the pictures do the talking….but before I do, can I just say NEW FAVORITE PLACE!??!

That plate is mine. You see it? Look again. A little closer now. You know the one. Atomic. Green and Blue. Bought it. TOO LATE!! BWaaaaaHA HA HA HA!!!! It’s MIIIIINEEE!!! ALL MIIIIINEEEEE!!!!!!!!
Cutesie closet for vintage clothes
This clock is still there, as far as I know. It was plugged in, I couldn’t manage to pull it out as I struggled with the desire to seem aloof. What I really wanted to do was rip it out of the wall and shove it in my shirt so it can be with me always. Always. But I am a law-abiding citizen, and far too classy to show my hand.
Quiet cozy reading room anyone? You can’t see it, but there’s a little chair in the corner where you can sit and read. Okay seriously. Someone has researched about how to market to consumers. Suck them in. Make them feel special. Make them feel like they neeeeeeeeeed that book. Smell the dusty pages. Feel the paper crinkle between your fingers. It’s soooo vintage. “Take me home. I will teach you much about the world….”
Exhibit A….I was sucked in by the children’s books. Couldn’t resist their charm. This book came with the inscription hand-written inside: “1977 – To Dorothy, because you enjoyed this book when you were little. Love, Mother.” TEARDROP!!! Somewhere, someone named Dorothy is glad Mother is gone because she’s a total SH*T for donating this book! It’s okay Dorothy, my baby is going to love it too.
I loved this one because my Irish hubby sings this when he makes tea. “Polly, put the kettle on” was new to me until I heard him sing it. Now I know he’s not just a crazy foreigner….Polly actually DID put the
kettle on.
The story of my life: Too much taste, too little time.
The only time I actually wished I could sew….was in this store, spying the dress forms.
Ties and Fabric Galore. You have to see it to believe it.
So much to peruse…so little time.

If you’re a local reader, you’re in luck. Lake Elsinore’s Vintique is just a drive away. If you’re not….get your own fave! Seat’s taken!

I will open my heart and home to anyone who wishes for a day jaunt to Vintique. Let me be your guide. Really. Holla at me.

New Additions

I’m busy! Whaddya want from me?! I’m attempting to blog at least once a week, and so far, I’ve managed that. Some of us have to work, run to the hospital to see their new niece, and drive all over SoCal looking for hot deals on even hotter vintage furniture.

So over the past weekend, I did just that. My gas bill tells the story true. My brand new niece was born early, but healthy. She’s the newest addition to my human family, and I’m so proud. She’s in the NICU, but she can already breathe on her own, and she’s gaining weight like she’s Samoan.

Super Scarlet

Another thing I’m so proud of? My other newest addition: Baby Display Cabinet. I talk to her too. O-Zo Bo-Bo Doh-Doh, You’s such a perdy girl, sweet cabie wabby! Make my stuff-sies look sooooo nice!

She’s a pretty girl! (Picture presumptiously lifted from the great folks at the Sleek and Simple Lines Blog)

And since I feel so terrible about depriving the world of my fabulous posts that I know everyone has just been salivating in waiting for…let me give you a little hint on this Monday evening. Mondays are the day that features vintage everything. In fact calls it “Vintage Mondays,” and of course, I subscribe to the emails. This week, a pair of vintage wooden candlesticks were featured at a discount for $75 down  from $110 retail. (See if you’re interested)

I mean no offense to More so, my apologies in advance to the featured sellers “Vintage Junkys” from my much-loved Texas. I love anyone who loves mid-century modern, and mostly anyone from Texas. Hey Man, we’re all friends here, but if you pay $75 for a pair of wooden candlesticks, you have to be higher than a kite. Down from $115? Is that right? When did we become so stupid as consumers that we’d spend our hard-earned money this way? If you have $75 to spend on wooden candlesticks (even if they were once firmly placed in George Michael’s butt – I’ll give ya $40) you must be makin’ it rain – and you’re very welcome to send your oh-so expendable income my way.

My unsolicited yet extremely valuble advice? Get off your butt and hit your nearest thrift store or Goodwill. I don’t care if Jesus himself carved those bad boys, you opportunistic Vintage Junkys. The proof is in the pudding. Check this:

Wooden Candlesticks found at Angel View Thrift

“1.99, are you outta your mind?” NO! You’re out of YOUR mind,

Eat me

And so…the moral of the story today kids, is that you’ll feel MUCH better in this economy having paid $2 bucks a piece, when your vintage candlesticks are lonely and collecting dust with no candles to complete them because Scentsy has the market and p.s….no one makes long skinny candlesticks anymore unless you live in Transylvania.

Which leads me to this: REASONABLE SELLERS ON ETSY.COM FOR ALL VINTAGE MUST-HAVES. That and more to follow next week (or maybe this week if I’m feeling feisty). I’ll share with you folks NOT on Jay-Z’s budget where to get great stuff at great prices.

Happy Place Found

One of the things on my “bucket list” to accomplish/conquer in life is refinishing wood furniture. It should be said one of my favorite places to be is the Home Depot. I have been known to ask for power tools for Christmas. No…I do not have testicles in case you were wondering – but I am working on a really cool beard.  I just happen to love working with my hands. Funny enough that my preoccupation with mid-century furniture has allowed me the opportunity to explore a bit of a sidebar hobby.

I recently moved into a new home that with it, came a wooden cabinet in the garage. This cabinet is probably only 20 years old – about as old as the house…and had seen better days. I figured what better piece of furniture to practice on than something that will stay in the garage? If I totally botch it up, who will know? That’s right, no one! As for my knowledge of refreshing wood, it was extremely limited. I pulled my information and inspiration directly from one of the funniest blogs I’ve read: The Brick House by Morgan Satterfield

So I used exactly what Morgan suggested one use to re-beautify wood:

Murphy Oil Soap, Watco Teak Oil, Howard Feed-N-Wax, Lint-Free Rags and Fine Sandpaper.

I was very happy with the results:

Cabinet De Garage
Yucky Water Marks de el Cabinet de Garage
Before Sanding
Sanded Down Cabinet-Go with the grain!

Post sanding followed by a bath in Murphy Oil Soap, it was on to the teak oil.

The wonders of Watco

Word of warning re: Watco Teak Oil. Make sure your location is well ventilated. I probably should have had a fan on in the garage. I was convinced that I actually was super woman after giving that cabinet a sensual oil massage.

No more water marks
Post Howard Feed -N- Wax Glow

As for the results, like I said, I was quite pleased. I did manage to get the water rings off of the top of the cabinet and paint off the side, however, the black marks weren’t effected. Regardless, because the wood has been “fed” it’s looking a lot sexier to me. There was at one point where I was in the garage sanding that sucker down, listening to music and I thought – I could do this all day long! At long last, I’ve found my happy place!  Despite finding another potentially enjoyable and rewarding hobby, refreshing wood wasn’t a life-altering experience. That being said, I do feel more confident now moving on to furniture I find in my thrifting and estate sale-ing travels. Perhaps I can start a small business bringing illustrious MCM wood furniture to the world! I think I’d be pretty happy with that too.

Land of the Dirt People or Land of Opportunity?

Hemet, CA: Some hear the name and shudder. Driving through Hemet’s heat during the summer does make one wonder, “Is this what hell will feel like?” Well, I sure am glad I won’t have to find that out!

Someone very close to me who shall remain nameless refers to the desert (i.e. Hemet) as the ‘land of the dirt people.’ I suppose the reference refers to the topography being much like one would imagine the surface of the moon, and the populous’ general propensity for leisurely activities that are geared towards fun with dirt: dirt biking, dirt camping, and 4-wheeling in dirt.

Let it be known that this week, I spent an entire afternoon by myself in Hemet with the purpose of thrifting. I have to say, I found Hemet to be quite enjoyable. There are, for those of you interested in a day trip, several excellent thrifting opportunities there. Every one of the people I encountered in my travels that day were friendly and talkative. It reminded me a bit of being back in Texas. Unpretentious and humble, Hemet and it’s people have plenty to offer.

As for you local thrifters, be sure to hit Vintage Treasures Antiques on E. Florida and stop in to see Henry. His passion for collectibles and well-made vintage furniture is evident when he talks. I scored this House Beautiful November 1955 edition featuring Frank Lloyd Wright for $5. The laughs I’ve gotten just reading the old advertisements have been priceless.

House Beautiful November 1955
House Beautiful November 1955 – dedicated to Frank Lloyd Wright
What are all these b*tches so excited about? It’s silverware!
False advertising: I know my husband does not look lovingly at me when he’s helping me put up curtain rods. He should be bleeding, there should be gnashing of teeth and little dialog bubbles with swear words above their heads.
“Furniture for Christmas. The Gift that 83%* of homemakers want.”
100% of me will take vintage furniture for Christmas. Hint Hint, Loving Husband

Among other thrifting opportunities, within 5 square miles, there is Angel View Thrift, Salvation Army (where I scored a 16″ vintage drum lampshade I needed for $2 and a coffee table for $10.) Goodwill, and Hemet Hospice. Word to the wise, Goodwill doth smell of pee pee. If you can hold your breath long enough, you might be able to grab a couple tchotchkes for your home. Pictured is the mid-century magazine rack I got for $7.99…..and then I ran outta there like I stole it!

Mid-Cent Mag Rack

That’s all for now friends….happy shopping to you all.

P.S. I would love to see some of my readers thrifty scores!

Sleek and Simple Lines = A Healthy Alternative to Crack

The house is coming along nicely, thanks to relentless searching, but in part thanks to some really groovy sellers I’ve discovered. If you love mid-century as much as I do, you know how hard it can be to obtain if you’re on any kind of budget. (Common man? Budget? Crack? You’re welcome.) Featured this week is one of my very favorite blogs, “Sleek and Simple Lines.” This husband and wife duo attend garage sales and estate sales to rescue mid-century treasures, bring them back from the brink of despair and restore them to their original glory. As far as price points go they’re somewhere in the middle, between Craigslist and a retail shop. Pretty fair in my mind, considering all the labor that goes into restoring these beautiful pieces. What’s more, you can spy fabulous mid-century modern, atomic and Danish modern gems from the comfort of your own cardboard box.  The Sleek and Simple Lines blog itself is something to behold. Sweet morsels of mid-century are beautifully staged with detailed descriptions so that you know exactly what you’re buying. (Thus, no after-high remorse) Be forewarned. The drool-worthy photos displayed on this blog can be addictive. I find myself returning to the site again and again, just to see what new things have been revealed. (And it leaves me with the shakes for that which I cannot have)

I found my extremely rare Adrian Pearsall drreeeeam of a chair from the Sleek and Simple Lines website. In fact, when I needed a formal dining room table that would by itself be an excuse for a good soiree, you can probably guess where I found it. Not only that, but it was delivered with a smile to my front door step for a modest fee. Bring it, Don Draper. I’m ready for the party!

Said Atomic Table

The folks at Sleek and Simple are very fair on their prices, but more importantly, they’re just good people. If any of you mid-century junkies are in Southern California, you need to do yourself a favor and check these guys out!

Being that I’m sooooo generous, and not at all afraid you’ll snag the next bump before I do…..(sigh) here is where you can get your kicks:

Disclaimer: Make sure you’re sitting down. This stuff will blow your hair back!!!!

Lackluster Landscape

“What does a mid-century landscape look like?”

That is the question I asked myself when glancing over my back yard today. I actually felt silly when it occurred to me to search on Google and I was bombarded by results. In my defense, I’m still new to the mid-century realm. How was I to know it translated to landscaping? (If by chance you too are looking to clean up your yard in MCM styling, see It’s an excellent resource for ideas.)

I’ve got the inside on lockdown. It’s nowhere near done, but, I know what I want, I have a vision and I will not rest until it comes to fruition. However, when you step outside, you will notice the huge disconnect between the inside, and my front and back yards. It’s like someone else’s idea of a pretty garden with dainty red and white flowers in the now overgrown flower beds, and big messy trees planted everywhere.  And shrubs.  Ugly, round, nondescript shrubs. Not unlike the excruciatingly dull guy you once dated. ‘Will I keep him around because I have nothing else going on right now…or will I just admit he bores the crap out of me and give him the heave-ho?’ Years later, I am experiencing that same struggle: Mr. Right verses Mr. Right Now (er, shrub)? The other glaringly obvious issue is that my home is located at the bottom of massive naked slopes. When I wake up in the morning, hear the birds chirping and get to feeling proud like I too, am walking on sunshine;  I look into the backyard, and a faint voice interrupts my minds song….”You suck, Brooke. What are you smiling at? Look at us. We’re naked. Have you no shame?”  I won’t even discuss the wood fence that is between our home and our neighbors. It would have fallen down by now except for the big tree it’s leaning on.

The Hills are Naked
The Hiiiillls are alive with the sound of faillllluurrrre

Needless to say, I’m in Home Depot CONSTANTLY.  As new homeowners, we really ought to buy stock. The returns lady knows me by first name. I arrive at Home Depot fully sure of what I need, don’t see it, and desperately start grabbing at the substitute flowers I know will die in a month because they’re only 88 cents! This gal is a sucker for a deal, even if it’s not at all what I came to buy! Emphasis on sucker. I actually bought petunias today….more for the neighbors benefit than my own. Who doesn’t like flowers, right? I should mention I don’t particularly enjoy them. Unless the flowers are very fragrant, or planted en mass in an arboretum, I’m not a fan. I would much prefer those slick clean lines that I’m obsessed with; even outdoors – in the form of perfectly spaced ornamental grasses.  Like a spreading garden pest, my kind of crazy overtakes other areas of life. Nothing goes untouched by the vines of insanity.

Falling Fence
Falling Fence, Ugly Shrub

I just want to know one thing: Where are you when I need you, Ahmad Hassan with Yard Crashers? Why must you forsake me? Can somebody help me please!?!??! Oh, yeah, and I need you to do it for free too…..I’m a do-it-yourself-er, but this is one project I need some serious help with. Until I meet said landscaping legend, here are some ideas I spied online that I think might be do-able later this fall:

Huettl Landscape Architecture seen on
“Retro Ranch” by
Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Design

A girl can dream, can’t she?