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In case you’ve been hiding under a rock recently, “mid-century modern” design seems to be everywhere these days. CB2Dot & Bo, AllModern, and Etsy.com.

The thing I love most about the real stuff; the actual vintage mid-century modern furniture is that it’s incredibly well made. That’s the reason people are scrambling to collect it even today, and why it’s become so hard to afford.

One of the best ways to get the most bang for your buck is to invest in one or two vintage pieces that you just can’t live without, and add in repros and updated accessories to keep your spaces looking (and sometimes smelling) like Grandma’s house. Craigslist and local Facebook groups can be a great way to score reasonably priced vintage pieces.

As for the new stuff, Target’s new line Project 62 would make Grandma AND your girlfriends jealous. Finally, finally, finally, some decently made MCM pieces in a price range that many of us can actually afford. Project 62 is touted as being furniture for “smaller living” but there is nothing small about it. Depending on your personal style, you have the option of having both bling and total practicality as far as I can see.

Cobalt Arm Chair
Soriano Square Arm Channel Tufted Chair- Navy Velvet
Image Credit: Target
Geneva Glass Lighting
Geneva Glass Globes
Image Credit: Target

As for myself, when I stumbled upon the new line being set out in my local Target store I actually snagged the Geneva globe desk lamp off the shelf like a rioter-only I ran to the front and paid for it. Happily. Is $50 a lot for a task lamp? Yes for me, it is. But it was well worth it. The Geneva line has a timeless, high-end finish with a sturdy marble base. I imagine it will last me 50 years, just like the vintage stuff.

Esters Wood Arm Chair
Esters Wood Arm Chair
Image Credit: Target

If your style is more laid-back and you are a creature of comfort, Project 62 has something for you too. You need only look. Esters Wood Arm Chair has gone over so well, it’s currently unavailable online (a/k/a sold out).

Check out the Mid-Century Metal Wall Décor for 54.99. Beats the pants off of investing $300-$1000 for a Curtis Jere sculpture that would likely be your untimely end in the case of an earthquake.


Image Credit: Target

All of the sudden, I feel like my entire serveware game needs an upgrade. I may not EVER have dinner parties, but if I did, I’d definitely need a marble cheese slicer. No, seriously, that might be going on the Christmas list. Maybe if I had the cheese slicer I’d have more parties. Target is the answer to all life’s big conundrums. (Damn you, Target.)

Target Run

This last photo is actual proof that I can’t stay out of Target, try as I may. I even shove my children into the baskets and make them carry all the things out. I must have all the things!!! Project 62 has given even this vintage-loving gal just another reason to go. You should too.

Curating a Mid Century Modern Master Bedroom

The word “curate”  is defined by Dictionary.com as to pull together, sift through, and select for presentation, as music or website content: “We curate our merchandise with a sharp eye for trending fashion,” the store manager explained. Etsy.com features many a “treasury” “curated” by its members. Usually they’re a collection of pictures that appeal to that person, or a grouping of some sort by color or type of furniture. I’m here to tell you it’s a lot easier to curate a bunch of photos online than it is to actually FIND and place those items in your home; especially when dealing with vintage furnishings. It takes a good eye – but more importantly, patience.

I’m no interior designer. Although I’d like to think I have a good eye for things, many times designing in your own home is a case of trial and error….moving stuff around, or starting from scratch. It’s taken me a while to curate our master bedroom, and to me, it’s not quite done, but we’re getting there. Over the past 2 years, I’ve found things here and there to make our master a place for peace, rest and comfort.

Here it is at a glance. Nothing fancy, but comfortable, and good enough for us.
Here it is at a glance. Nothing fancy, but comfortable and good enough for us.

The colors I used are light blue, green and variations of the two with some soft browns and amber hues as accents. Who knows if this is a good color combo according to the experts, but it seems to work out fine.

I found this fantastic lamp about a year ago on Etsy.com It goes perfectly to tie in with my Adrian Pearsall chair.
I found this fantastic lamp about a year ago on Etsy.com It goes perfectly to tie in with my Adrian Pearsall chair.
Grandma's Credenza, and an old tube radio that was a gift from my mother at our trip to the Long Beach Veteran's Stadium Flea Market.
Grandma’s Credenza, and an old tube radio that was a gift from my mother at our trip to the Long Beach Veteran’s Stadium Flea Market.
Adrian Pearsall Chair (one of my only "designer" pieces") alongside a vintage Syroco clock from sleekandsimplelines.com
Adrian Pearsall Chair (one of my only designer pieces) alongside a vintage Syroco clock from sleekandsimplelines.com
Morgan MCM painting
Morgan MCM painting found at Goodwill

The painting above was a little something extra from my thoughtful husband this Christmas. We were in Goodwill and I spotted it, thinking it would go great with the colors in our bedroom. This particular store doesn’t usually have mid-century pieces, so I was surprised to see it….still framed and in excellent vintage condition. It was a bit expensive for Goodwill, so I passed on it….but  later my husband snuck back to the store to surprise me with it.

Someday I’d love to have swag lamps on either side to maximize our small side tables, but for now, the Marshall’s bubble lamps will do. It can’t ALL be vintage, right?


Vera Sheets found at a local estate sale.
Vera Sheets found at a local estate sale.

The bed spread isn’t my favorite, but I love the vintage Vera sheets. I found these at an estate sale hosted by FindersKeepers.  I’m not usually a pattern fan, but these seem to fit right in with the scheme.  I originally bought them for our guest bedroom, but brought them home to discover they were king sized.  Apparently dumb luck can also play a part in design. They come in different colors and can also be found on Etsy.com. (Here’s a link to my version online from favorite Etsy seller heartkeyologie.)  I think as soon as I can, I’ll be ordering a set in green.

The bed? Well, suffice it to say it works just fine and my husband isn’t a fan of change. While I’d prefer a vintage frame and king sized headboard….this might be one thing I have to compromise on to keep the peace. After all, that’s what we’re going for here….in this lovingly curated space;  peace and quiet.











Best of 2013 Midcentury Modern Design

One of my favorite sites, Houzz.com featured the most popular pics/posts in Midcentury Modern design for 2013. I’d like to share that post with you (the pictures are to die for). I know it’s provided me with some great design ideas in the new year…

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