Can I have your Grandpa’s Style?

My favorite song right now and my sons as well…(the PG version of course) has to be Thrift Shop.  Just like in the song…I really do have your grandpa’s style. If only they had a song about Craigslist too. I’d be all over that.

As I’ve written several times before, thrift shops and Craigslist are the BEST way to affordably update your digs.

Case in point: 2 weeks ago, I stumbled upon the exact matching end tables to my long and low mid-century coffee table on Craigslist. I had to travel into L.A. to get them, which was hard for me. My throat starts to close the closer I get to downtown. I’m not a Hollywood girl. Not an L.A. girl. Never have been….I’ll take the beaches, thank you. Peace, love, and waves. You can have your crazy drivers and people literally living on top of each other. When in L.A., I feel claustrophobic and begin to understand what a caged animal feels like. No offense, Angelenos. Your city has much to offer. If only there was a way to hover in and hover out, I’d be visiting a lot more.

I digress….here are the new additions, thanks to Craigslist and one very hip seller in L.A.:

Looks nice….but a little mis-matched. Not at all like Betty Draper would have in her home.
New Matching End tables

Now I can finally leave this room alone and stop taking photos of it.

Picture perfect. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Can I have your Grandpa’s Style?

  1. Your living room looks absolutely great! I don’t have a stick of authentic mid-century modern living room furniture. Shocking I know. I love everything but particularly the green chairs.

    1. Rebecca, I’m surprised by that! Well, the good news is it’s easy to do should you want to change that. The green chairs were scored at the Long Beach Flea Market at Veteran’s Stadium. GREAT place to get MCM and other goodies.

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