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Blessed Be the Deal Finders

Shout out to my awesome Aunt Di who called to ask if I was still looking for cushions for my Saarinen tulip table and chairs. Here’s the summarized back story:

I recently found a steal of a deal on a less-than-perfect mid-century replica of the famous Saarinen tulip table and chairs. They had rust….which I was able to remove with the help of an awesome product however….the old cushions could not be saved. Not only were they 40-something year-old cushions and kind of yucky, they made all my guests feel fat as they wheeeeesssshhhhed when sat on.

Since the resurgence of all things mid-century modern, and the popularity of shows like Mad Men, the prices of furniture relating to that time, including accessories for said furniture have become ridiculously expensive. Exhibit A: Tulip Chair Replacement Cushions.

Check this out. You can’t get new cushions for less than $89/piece. Try it…I dare you…..scour the internet. I bet you won’t find a better price:

Ebay is the best price I found for replacement cushions at $89 each. (Note: If you want to cover your existing cushions, consider yourself lucky. You can do that for 40 bucks a pop):

Featured on AllModern.com, Knoll offers them for $327 per cushion. I bought the whole damn set of tables and chairs for less than that. Knoll be smokin’ crack, y’all!

And my favorite website of all time, Etsy.com features them at $89/piece by Studiocityloft, competing with Ebay.

News Flash: Unless I win the lottery, or my son finds buried treasure in our backyard, I will not be spending $89/per cushion. Ever.

Back to my Aunt Di who spied these cuties on Ikea.com. Thank you Aunt Di. Guess what? They fit the chairs just fine….and my butt doesn’t know the difference. Bonus: When my kid spills spaghetti sauce on them, instead of having a heart-attack, I can smile like I’m on one of those Bounty commercials and casually toss the dirty cushion in the washing machine. Tra-la-la!!!! Dirty Cushions? Oh, neveryoumind. Remember, you only paid $4.99 a cushion at Ikea! Thanks Bounty and thank you, Ikea!

Ikea's much more practical solution to my cushion-less problem.

Ikea’s more practical solution to my cushion-less problem.

005 006

Are they perfect? No. Do I care? Wait….um, NO. Do I love them!? YESSS!!!!

Blessed Be the Deal Finders. Can I get an amen?


About midcenturyobsession

My love for midcentury surfaced after inheriting a couple pieces of my very fashionable grandmother's MCM furniture. I'd always loved clean lines...and became obsessed. I'm currently in the process of redoing our entire home in Mid Century style. My husband would tell you "She's off her head." (Irish-speak for NUTS.) I am the wife of a Dubliner, a mother to an adorable little boy and two clownish french bulldogs Pig and Pearl. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. If there is anything I learned earning my degree, it was that I didn't want to pursue criminal justice. My heart just wasn't in it. I played 2 years of volleyball on a full scholarship and graduated a 4 year college in 3 years. I lived in Dallas for a very long time and left friends behind to be closer to family for my son. A native Californian, I have to say it's great to be back home.


2 thoughts on “Blessed Be the Deal Finders

  1. I loved the wheesh sound. Ha ha ha. Nice work, Di and B. You should audition for a Bounty commercial. Tra la la.

    Posted by Lola M | May 4, 2013, 10:52 pm
  2. Very funny. Favorite line: “When my kid spills spaghetti sauce on them, instead of having a heart-attack,” haha. Damn tulip cushions. I know what you mean. I nabbed that stool (for a very pretty price I might add) and it needs a new cushion top. I GAGGED on the price and am leaving it original vintage. ha.

    Posted by Rebecca@MidCenturyModernRemodel | May 9, 2013, 4:52 am

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