Seeking Solace

Where do you want to go most when the world chews you up and spits you out? For me, it’s home. Lately I’ve felt that way. I’ve desperately needed a place to curl up and drink my tea, read a book, and otherwise tune-out the rest of the world. Sometimes people can help us do that. But…when your 4 year-old tires of your pathetic neediness, who will cuddle with you?

This chair.

Courtesy of Finders Keepers Estate Sales
Moreddi, Inc fabulously cozy orange scoop chair.

I prayed for this chair. No seriously, I did. Here’s the scoop: I was absolutely honored to be invited to preview an estate sale hosted by Finders Keepers Estate Sales. Thank you, Finders Keepers!  The catch was (much to the estates’ delight) that everything was off limits until the big out-of-town buyers came through; claimed and paid a high price for the fabulous furniture they wanted. Walking through this home was like being in another time. A better time. A fashionable time. Absolutely everything was in mint condition and the owner had impeccable taste. As I walked through, I spotted the orange chair. I coveted it…just like the bible says we shouldn’t. I’ll admit. So I said a little prayer. “Please, God….have ’em leave that one behind, will ya?”

And so it was…I mentioned my prayer, made my intentions known and much to my delight and surprise, the chair was left!

There's no denying you belong with me...
“Loooovin’ you, is easy ’cause your beautiful…. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH AAAAA AAAAAHHhhhh…”

So this beauty has been keeping me company during my time of need. I’m ever so thankful….and ever so in LOOOOOVE.

“No one else, can make me feel, the colors that you bring….”  la la la la lah! La la la la lah!!!! Dooodundoooo dooo deeee dooo! AHHHHHHHH aaaaaahhhhhhAAAAAAAH!

There’s more lovin’ and story tellin’ to follow….la la la lah! For now, enjoy the music and the view. Click on the link above. It’ll take you back. Thank me later.

If you’d like to attend the Finders Keepers Estate Sale-it begins later this week. For more info visit:

8 thoughts on “Seeking Solace

  1. Love the color, looks comfy!! I wish you were able to post pics from inside the estate so we can see all the other fashionable decor!

  2. Memories of Minnie Riperton’s song! Feeling a siesta coming on, since I don’t have a chair like that to read in…yet.

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