Something’s Missing…

I recently began work on my guest bedroom. I’d hoped that someday it would be a nursery, but I’m not sure that will happen for our family anytime soon. Needless to say the room has been largely neglected as a result of creative avoidance and we actually do have overnight guests from time to time. We had the bed and bedspread already. What I needed were basic decorative items and night stands. Today, I picked up some gorgeous solid wood night stands for a great price on none other than Craigslist. The seller was awesome and easy to work with. That’s not always the case. My new little night stands fit the small bedroom perfectly. However, I’m left with the feeling that it’s not quite finished yet. As pretty as the night stands are, and as atomic and fabulous as my new vintage wall clock is, the room is still missing something. Can you help me figure out what that is?

Something's missing.
Something’s missing.

What is it? Something is definitely off, isn’t it? Is the lamp too big for the space? Do I need matching lamps on either side on a smaller scale? Maybe.

I know I’m lacking color for sure. My inspiration is the painting on the wall that I found at a thrift shop in Lake Elsinore for a steal.

Inspiration piece
Inspiration piece
Craigslist Treasure
Do the flowers and pottery have to go? Is the chair too orange? Something about it irritates me.
I think the flowers and ceramics have to go. Also: my feeling is that the chair is too muted. Love orange, but don’t like this version. Something about it irritates me.

And the moulding on the walls? That irritates me too…but I don’t have the time, the means or the time to fix it right now.

So here’s my idea. The same Etsy shop owner that sold me the atomic clock also has a matching set of orange lights. I’m thinking one MUST go on each side table if I can find a home for my ginormous ceramic lamp.

Vintage Spartus clock in working order and near perfect condition found on . Visit for more!
Vintage Spartus clock in working order and near perfect condition found on . Visit for more!

Here’s the question: Can you see these on the bedside tables or am I nuts?

Soooo Atomic.
Soooo Atomic. I love them.

My concerns are: Lighting – the lamps will be the only source of light, so they must give off adequate wattage.

Color- I need a pop of color somewhere, tangerine, yellow, mustard, something from the print on the wall.

Window – Should I pull the faux wood blinds and do drapes(next to the chair) with a pattern?

Suggestions anyone?

20 thoughts on “Something’s Missing…

  1. I agree, the lamp is too big, it’s taller than the moulding across the wall I like idea of the matching lamps on each side. Maybe those white pendant mood lamps/lighting that hang from the ceiling. Headboard, maybe?

  2. I love that room. In the pictures the lamp does look extra large. Weird as it didn’t seem like that in person. Love the clock. I don’t know about the orange lamps. I am not a visionary. You are awesome. Just remember that. 🙂

  3. I love that painting!

    The lamp does seem a bit too large scale for the rest of the room. It looks out of proportion with the nightstand, especially. Can you can 2 smaller scale lamps for the nightstands, and maybe a small floor lamp to go next to the chair for extra lighting?

  4. You need a small custom upholstered headboard that mounts to the wall. would be nice to have it go from end to end of the night stands and from the top of the mattress to the bottom of the windows or about 3″ below the window.

  5. My humble opinion – Nix the large lamp and move in two smaller-scale lamps. Move the painting out of the room. The scale is too large and it doesn’t add anything to the space. Consider something small and fun to hang above the windows in the future – maybe something Jere! With the painting out, move the clock closer to the entry door so that it’s visible from the bed. A headboard is a must in the future! You’ve got great bones in this room!

      1. That paining it amazing! I love it, but I just don’t feel like it’s right in the room!

        Anyway, I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE your blog and have added it to my daily reading!

  6. Nice tidy, uncluttered room! I like the painting in this room, I don’t know if the opposite wall is available or where the door is situated, but I was thinking if the painting was on the opposite wall, it would be something you see as you first walk in-if the entry is where I’m imagining. The clock could go where the painting was, maybe hung on top of a simple orange square or longish rectangle shape? I’m thinking of that trick where you dip fabric in starch/water and wallpaper to the wall-its easy to remove later and doesn’t hurt the walls. I like the orange lamps on each nightstand idea, hopefully they will give off enough light.The cluster of 3 windows is perfect, I was picturing a small piece of orange acrylic , in an hourglass shape hanging in front of each window pane, as to not obstruct too much of the view, but adding 3 pops of orange. I like the scale of the chair, I agree that the orange isn’t perfect, but its not so bad either. Maybe some facial bleaching creme would lighten up the orange? ha-ha Maybe a cute orange slipcover??? Good luck with your design, and please post the final result!

  7. I forgot to include this with my first post. The windows do a good job of punching through the highly placed moulding on the walls, disallowing it from “bringing down the height of the room” where the windows are, so wherever you put the painting, I think a good balance to the windows would be hanging the painting on top of the moulding, say 1/3 of painting above moulding, leaving 2/3 below moulding. Even if it sticks out a bit it would kind of balance the interruption of the moulding where the windows are. Just a thought, and “wow” did I execute a very long run on sentence-woops! Thank you for your awesome blog, you do it well!

    1. GREAT GREAT idea. I can’t wait to get the moulding down….because it’s so NOT MCM, BUT in the meantime, that’s a wonderful solution. BTW, love well executed run-on sentences. Big fan myself. 😉

  8. I hate to pile on but the lamp and the clock unbalance each other. I think if you find matching lamps and take the other two down, smaller, it would be good. The orange would be no good. Light would be challenging. Yes the moulding is annoying but whatcha gonna do. I say move the clock and get smaller lamps.

    1. Thanks Rebecca! That’s exactly what I’m going to do. Clock is moving, lamps are on order, and the BIG FAT lamp is for sale on my site. Can’t wait to post results….although it will be a few weeks to get it all in and done. Appreciate the feedback.

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