Hello MCM Family!

Midcenturyobsession. That’s the best way I can illustrate what has in such a short time, completely taken me over. I’ll explain it by way of blame, which is what my generation is so well known for….

I recently inherited my Grandmother’s vintage writing desk and bedroom suite. I’d always loved clean lines, but hadn’t had the inclination to go Mid Century Modern on my own. That was, until I got “Nana’s” totally hip stuff. It got me thinking, “I wonder if there are some accessories to go with all this wood?” I hit Ebay, Craigslist, and discovered this whole world, nay- this movement I didn’t even know existed. A little about me: I don’t have a decorator’s background- My degree is in HGTV. My lineage however, is steeped in tragically hip. “Nana” as we called her, or “Fairy Faye” had exquisite taste in fashion and furniture. Her personal life was a mess…which ultimately affected her furniture but that’s another story and we’ll get to that later.

In the past few months, my husband, son and I have been waiting for our home in California to close. We relocated to California to be closer to family. We’ve finally moved in, and I’ve decided to re-decorate. My husband thinks I’m completely nuts. In fairness, I think he’s actually catching the fever – and he’s encouraged me to think about starting a business centered around the buying and selling of Mid Century Modern furniture, which I will henceforward refer to as MCM.  Annnnnnddd why not? He’s seen how much I’m willing to spend on it! Certainly there are other crazy people just like me out there, obsessed with MCM!

I even have my own consultant….my mother, who has a good eye and has marveled with me about just how much an ugly ceramic Siamese Cat will go for on Ebay. Ceramic cats that she grew up with, and subsequently were thrown away.  She often says when we’re walking a flea market together, or perusing the web for treasures, “I wish Nana was here with us. She’d LOVE THIS.”

So on the day of her birthday, August 18th I finally figured out what my blog would be about, and to whom I would dedicate it. As the song goes,” Fare thee well my Fairy Faye.”