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I’m baaaaaaaack! Took a little breather in January but I’m back and boy do we have some fun trending MCM info to discuss. Now, I try to be a positive and upbeat person, but I can’t help but point out when things seem to be getting a little silly. The typical “Mad Men” bar cart is everywhere. Everyone wants one (myself included)….and the prices are going through the roof. It’s getting crazy, people. Here’s a picture perfect example of a bar cart from Entertainment Weekly:

Bar Cart

Okay….so you get the idea. The bar cart is a place to congregate, entertain, serve drinks, talk about the day….and they conveniently roll from room to room! So what would you pay for a bar cart?  A few weeks back, I was in a thrift shop and spotted something labeled as a “utility shelf.” Well, it was mostly wood, had two shelves, it was on casters, and looked a lot like a bar cart. I snorted to myself when I saw the price tag of $45. Pretty bold for a thrift shop, right? Well, as I left, I noticed the “Everything 50% off” sign. I told myself I’d think about it and come back if I really wanted it. Later that day, I decided it was worth a trip back; but guess what? My bar cart was gone. Snapped up by a much smarter someone else. I’ve been kicking myself since. Here’s why: you really can’t find a bar cart on Etsy or Ebay for less than $100 now. Maybe someday, interest will die down, and we’ll see some relief-but I wouldn’t expect that to happen any time soon. In fact, a carbon copy of the Mad Men version pictured above is on Etsy right now for $4000.00. Yes. Four THOUSAND dollars. Apparently, it was designed in 1952 by Italian designer Cesare Lacca and it is “much sought after.” Now, I’m an Etsy store owner myself and I support other shop owners. But that price tag is ridiculous. Absolutely insane.

If you’re interested in building your own bar, is actually a great place to start. There are so many different variations; shape, size, material – you can decide what type of bar cart fits your space and budget. If you lean toward the industrial look and love projects, featured a cool DIY tutorial on this type of cart:

I did find one bar cart under $100 from one of my favorite sellers on Shop name is  Carouselandfolk. I love reasonable prices and reasonable sellers!

Click on the link above, or search carouselandfolk on
Click on the link above, or search carouselandfolk on

More to that point, here are a few other notable offerings…

If Hollywood Regency is more your style, Etsy seller “HardFinds” has this:

Click on Link above or go to and search: hardfinds
Click on link above or go to and search hardfinds

My funky-stand-out favorite is this one from Artiques71: search artiques71 search artiques71

Need a pop of color? Check out ElectricMarigold: search ElectricMarigold search ElectricMarigold

Finally, if Typical Teak is your look – look no further. TwoGuysVintage has this:

Click link above or go to and search “TwoGuysVintage”


As you can see, there still some fair prices out there – and so many different types of carts to choose from. Happy Shopping….and may your bar cart bring lots of entertaining and enjoyment to your future! By the way…if you find a deal or a steal – I’d love to hear about it!












I’m not a big fan of Charlie Sheen, but as I drove away from a garage sale this weekend, I found myself grinning like a fool, and yelling Charlie’s signature phrase, “WINNING!”  to my son in the backseat.

Garage sale find for $5
Garage sale find for $5

…And maybe I am a fool. That remains to be seen. I did notice some warping on the seat bottom that indicates this poor chair was left outside, or was exposed to moisture at some point, but luckily it’s still pretty sturdy. This Danish modern piece is just what I’d been hoping for: a PROJECT…..a lost and forgotten piece of furniture, just waiting to be brought back to life. For $5 and some elbow grease, I’ll find out just what I’m capable of in the wood refinishing department. I’ll be employing some of my favorite refinishing tips to get this chair a warm walnut color. I’ll get the privilege of learning how to re-cover a seat pad; I don’t even know where to buy the foam. Hopefully when it’s all done, this chair will comparable to these guys:

Etsy Photo Credit to BeeHavenHome
Etsy Photo Credit to BeeHavenHome

Anyway, my project commences this weekend. Until then let’s forget about all the sweat and tears! It’s more fun to pick out fabrics. Feel free to cast your votes. I’m not dead-set on these….my only requirement is that they have a tiny hint of orange….that will be my accent color in the room this chair will grace:

Credit: rue23vintage on
Credit: rue23vintage on
Credit: JennSki on
Credit: JennSki on
Credit: MandMFabrics on
Credit: MandMFabrics on
Credit: Full Swing Textiles - Chevrama in Grapefruit
Credit: Full Swing Textiles – Chevrama in Grapefruit

The lesson for this week: Don’t discount garage sales. Truthfully, I had…until I spotted my chair. You can still win it big.

Spoiler alert:….This chair will go in my guest bedroom with these newly delivered beauties I shall tell you alllllllll about later this week.


Trending: Painting MCM

Have you seen it around? Danish or Mid-century modern furniture “updated” by adding paint to certain parts of the piece?

It seems to be everywhere now. I saw it first from a favorite local seller of mine, Yesterday’s Treasures:

Yesterday's Treasures
Credit: Yesterday’s Treasures

When I spotted it for the first time…I was as if transported to the scene of a gruesome crime. I actually cried in horror at my computer and said, “Whhhhhyyyyyy!!?!?!?! Why would you do that??!?!?!?!??” But after some time, I’ve come around to appreciate the creativity. I remain on the fence though, as I personally wouldn’t paint a perfectly gorgeous piece of Danish modern or mid-century modern furniture…but there are many out there whom I’m sure would disagree with me.  Painted MCM is appearing everywhere.

Found on Shop:RevitalizedArtistry
Found on Shop:RevitalizedArtistry
Example two
Found on Shop:RevitalizedArtistry
CuriosityNC Shop: CuriosityNC
ItTakesUnderstanding Shop: ItTakesUnderstanding
Vintage Inspired piece found on Shop: OrWaDesigns

For now,  I think I’ll stick with these pieces as they were then. Perhaps though, this new trend isn’t too far off the mark.

This guy on the other hand, is in it's original state. Yes...that's right. Yellow. If you're a fan, go to, Shop: fabulousmess
This desk is actually in it’s original state. Yes…that’s right; original-finish-yellow. If you’re a fan, go to, Shop: fabulousmess

What do you think? I’d love to hear readers comments.