Happy Place Found

One of the things on my “bucket list” to accomplish/conquer in life is refinishing wood furniture. It should be said one of my favorite places to be is the Home Depot. I have been known to ask for power tools for Christmas. No…I do not have testicles in case you were wondering – but I am working on a really cool beard.  I just happen to love working with my hands. Funny enough that my preoccupation with mid-century furniture has allowed me the opportunity to explore a bit of a sidebar hobby.

I recently moved into a new home that with it, came a wooden cabinet in the garage. This cabinet is probably only 20 years old – about as old as the house…and had seen better days. I figured what better piece of furniture to practice on than something that will stay in the garage? If I totally botch it up, who will know? That’s right, no one! As for my knowledge of refreshing wood, it was extremely limited. I pulled my information and inspiration directly from one of the funniest blogs I’ve read: The Brick House by Morgan Satterfield


So I used exactly what Morgan suggested one use to re-beautify wood:

Murphy Oil Soap, Watco Teak Oil, Howard Feed-N-Wax, Lint-Free Rags and Fine Sandpaper.

I was very happy with the results:

Cabinet De Garage
Yucky Water Marks de el Cabinet de Garage
Before Sanding
Sanded Down Cabinet-Go with the grain!

Post sanding followed by a bath in Murphy Oil Soap, it was on to the teak oil.

The wonders of Watco

Word of warning re: Watco Teak Oil. Make sure your location is well ventilated. I probably should have had a fan on in the garage. I was convinced that I actually was super woman after giving that cabinet a sensual oil massage.

No more water marks
Post Howard Feed -N- Wax Glow

As for the results, like I said, I was quite pleased. I did manage to get the water rings off of the top of the cabinet and paint off the side, however, the black marks weren’t effected. Regardless, because the wood has been “fed” it’s looking a lot sexier to me. There was at one point where I was in the garage sanding that sucker down, listening to music and I thought – I could do this all day long! At long last, I’ve found my happy place!  Despite finding another potentially enjoyable and rewarding hobby, refreshing wood wasn’t a life-altering experience. That being said, I do feel more confident now moving on to furniture I find in my thrifting and estate sale-ing travels. Perhaps I can start a small business bringing illustrious MCM wood furniture to the world! I think I’d be pretty happy with that too.

5 thoughts on “Happy Place Found

  1. Hello SUPER WOMAN!! Yes indeed you are. Glad u found your happy place and I’m sure you will now look at furniture a whole different way; give it a good wash down and a good home. Cabinet in the garage looks much happier since it got some luv’n c/o Super Woman. You’ve got me hooked now trying to spy MCM pieces. Oi vay ;o)

  2. Hope your “happy place” has more to do with having fun than it does with snorting fumes! Great work…and brilliant to work on “cast aways” first! Only question is…where will you store the paint cans now?

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