When I think of the Thanksgiving holiday, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I feel totally and completely blessed.

It seems silly to complain at all, really. But just for fun….let’s talk about something that’s been on my mind that I’m NOT so thankful for: The price of mid-century modern furnishings these days.

I’ve talked about it before….and it seems to only be getting worse; as the popularity of the mid-century modern and retro movement gains momentum, so do the price tags of these items. Okay, okay….so I do benefit from that myself. I am an Etsy shop owner. I do make a very minimal profit on each an every item I find and offer for sale. However, my husband would tell you it’s just enough to keep me shopping and barely covers the cost of me driving all over the place “treasure hunting.” There are others that make a living, or supplement their incomes by sourcing, repairing, and subsequently selling MCM furniture. More power to them! However, with my budget, I’m better off on my own.

Recently I was in an online forum where we were discussing the price of items on the west coast. Comparatively speaking, most California prices are hefty, and it’s better to source what you need from people who are willing to ship to you from across the country. Or, you can do as the pilgrims did, and work for it yourself.

Take my advice and make it a habit to seek out your nearest thrift store. You might be really surprised by what you find. One of my favorite local shops is Angel View. There are stores in Temecula, Murrieta, Hemet and Palm Springs as well. Their organization supports and employs the disabled, so it’s not only fun; it’s also for a good cause. Let me tell you…I’ve scored treasures unlike anywhere else at Angel View. The trick is to go during the week in the early morning hours. That’s when the pickin’ is best. If you are a 9-5er like so many are, maybe make it an occasional lunch break outing. Find a Goodwill or Salvation Army near you, pack your lunch and head out for a quick hunt! Another tip is to sign up for notifications. They’ll send you weekly emails on estate sales in your area. Most of the estate companies feature photos, so you’ll know what to expect before heading out the door. For you 9-5ers who can’t “thrift” during the week, most estate sales are featured on weekends-Fri/Sat/Sun.

Here are a couple of my most recent scores located at a thrift shops. They will be recycled and re-loved in my home:

Thrift find.
The coffee table in my den is a thrift find.
Sugar/Tea/Coffee/Flour aaaaand Bread Canister by Crestline 14.99 at Goodwill - and $100 on
Sugar/Tea/Coffee/Flour aaaaand Bread Canister by Crestline. These seem to be pretty rare in this condition, and the only similar one I could find on Etsy is now going for over $100. Say what?! I had to scrub a thick layer of tar off this baby, but it was so worth it. Turns out tar is not just a nasty by-product of the smokin’ mid-century, but it also happens to be an EXCELLENT preservative.


Look at her! I found her, in all her original upholstery and glory this week. She's not perfect, and needs a tiny bit of work, but she's mine forever, and I would have paid out the nose for her elsewhere.
Look at her! I found her, in all her original upholstery and glory this week. She’s not perfect, and needs a tiny bit of work, but she’s mine forever, and I would have paid out the nose for her elsewhere.


So take it from me, you lovers of MCM: If you’re on a modest budget and aren’t happy about the prices you see out there, do your research and get to steppin’! So as the pilgrims learned to sow the ground they landed on, you too shall reap the benefit of your own sweat and tears! And that my friends, is something to be thankful for.








Land of the Dirt People or Land of Opportunity?

Hemet, CA: Some hear the name and shudder. Driving through Hemet’s heat during the summer does make one wonder, “Is this what hell will feel like?” Well, I sure am glad I won’t have to find that out!

Someone very close to me who shall remain nameless refers to the desert (i.e. Hemet) as the ‘land of the dirt people.’ I suppose the reference refers to the topography being much like one would imagine the surface of the moon, and the populous’ general propensity for leisurely activities that are geared towards fun with dirt: dirt biking, dirt camping, and 4-wheeling in dirt.

Let it be known that this week, I spent an entire afternoon by myself in Hemet with the purpose of thrifting. I have to say, I found Hemet to be quite enjoyable. There are, for those of you interested in a day trip, several excellent thrifting opportunities there. Every one of the people I encountered in my travels that day were friendly and talkative. It reminded me a bit of being back in Texas. Unpretentious and humble, Hemet and it’s people have plenty to offer.

As for you local thrifters, be sure to hit Vintage Treasures Antiques on E. Florida and stop in to see Henry. His passion for collectibles and well-made vintage furniture is evident when he talks. I scored this House Beautiful November 1955 edition featuring Frank Lloyd Wright for $5. The laughs I’ve gotten just reading the old advertisements have been priceless.

House Beautiful November 1955
House Beautiful November 1955 – dedicated to Frank Lloyd Wright
What are all these b*tches so excited about? It’s silverware!
False advertising: I know my husband does not look lovingly at me when he’s helping me put up curtain rods. He should be bleeding, there should be gnashing of teeth and little dialog bubbles with swear words above their heads.
“Furniture for Christmas. The Gift that 83%* of homemakers want.”
100% of me will take vintage furniture for Christmas. Hint Hint, Loving Husband

Among other thrifting opportunities, within 5 square miles, there is Angel View Thrift, Salvation Army (where I scored a 16″ vintage drum lampshade I needed for $2 and a coffee table for $10.) Goodwill, and Hemet Hospice. Word to the wise, Goodwill doth smell of pee pee. If you can hold your breath long enough, you might be able to grab a couple tchotchkes for your home. Pictured is the mid-century magazine rack I got for $7.99…..and then I ran outta there like I stole it!

Mid-Cent Mag Rack

That’s all for now friends….happy shopping to you all.

P.S. I would love to see some of my readers thrifty scores!