Land of the Dirt People or Land of Opportunity?

Hemet, CA: Some hear the name and shudder. Driving through Hemet’s heat during the summer does make one wonder, “Is this what hell will feel like?” Well, I sure am glad I won’t have to find that out!

Someone very close to me who shall remain nameless refers to the desert (i.e. Hemet) as the ‘land of the dirt people.’ I suppose the reference refers to the topography being much like one would imagine the surface of the moon, and the populous’ general propensity for leisurely activities that are geared towards fun with dirt: dirt biking, dirt camping, and 4-wheeling in dirt.

Let it be known that this week, I spent an entire afternoon by myself in Hemet with the purpose of thrifting. I have to say, I found Hemet to be quite enjoyable. There are, for those of you interested in a day trip, several excellent thrifting opportunities there. Every one of the people I encountered in my travels that day were friendly and talkative. It reminded me a bit of being back in Texas. Unpretentious and humble, Hemet and it’s people have plenty to offer.

As for you local thrifters, be sure to hit Vintage Treasures Antiques on E. Florida and stop in to see Henry. His passion for collectibles and well-made vintage furniture is evident when he talks. I scored this House Beautiful November 1955 edition featuring Frank Lloyd Wright for $5. The laughs I’ve gotten just reading the old advertisements have been priceless.

House Beautiful November 1955
House Beautiful November 1955 – dedicated to Frank Lloyd Wright
What are all these b*tches so excited about? It’s silverware!
False advertising: I know my husband does not look lovingly at me when he’s helping me put up curtain rods. He should be bleeding, there should be gnashing of teeth and little dialog bubbles with swear words above their heads.
“Furniture for Christmas. The Gift that 83%* of homemakers want.”
100% of me will take vintage furniture for Christmas. Hint Hint, Loving Husband

Among other thrifting opportunities, within 5 square miles, there is Angel View Thrift, Salvation Army (where I scored a 16″ vintage drum lampshade I needed for $2 and a coffee table for $10.) Goodwill, and Hemet Hospice. Word to the wise, Goodwill doth smell of pee pee. If you can hold your breath long enough, you might be able to grab a couple tchotchkes for your home. Pictured is the mid-century magazine rack I got for $7.99…..and then I ran outta there like I stole it!

Mid-Cent Mag Rack

That’s all for now friends….happy shopping to you all.

P.S. I would love to see some of my readers thrifty scores!

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