Christmas Wishes…

As November winds down, one tends to start dreaming about Christmas lists. Bombarded by Lexus commercials, ToysRus pamphlets and helping my young one make his list, it’s gotten me thinking about what I’d ask for.  The fact is, a visit from Chris Kringle himself would be the only means by which I’ll get what I’m dreaming of this Christmas (besides ahem, world peace and all that)…and that’s okay. It’s been a great year for my family and I-so it’s a bit cheeky to wish, I know. I’m quite content just to have my mid-century modern Christmas tree this year. Suppose though, that Santa did ask me what I wanted. Here’s what I’ll be leaving the back door open for….just in case, Santa baby – because what I want won’t fit in the chimney.

But first: Here is a picture of what I’d LOVE to replace. BEHOLD!!! Mommy Command Central. On this tiny table, I type blogs, drink the morning lattes, and generally conduct business from its table top.  It is here that I serve mouth-watering meals for my son, who loves to give me frequent heart attacks by losing his balance on his bar-height chair and nearly falling to his death if it weren’t for my cat-like reflexes. Also? NOT mid-century. It’s interfering with the vibes in general.

My very UN mid century bar height kitchen table

Ever heard of Eero Saarinen? Not only was he one of the most brilliant and influential designers of the mid-century, he masterminded the design of the “tulip” table and chairs. I would need a smaller one for the space, perhaps an oval-shaped table top….and I may or may not go for matchy-matchy chairs….but you have to admit, no matter your personal preferences, this is just beautiful design. And wouldn’t it just look FAB in my kitchen?

Now tell me you don’t love this….of course you do!!!
These tables are versatile, and look great with different chair variations.
Oval-ish table top

I’ve been really good this year, but I’ve had my fair share of blessings too. Maybe I’ll save this wish for next year. Better yet, what might be even more exciting than finding a set in my kitchen Christmas morning would be hunting it down myself. I sure do love a good find.

One thought on “Christmas Wishes…

  1. Oh my goodness. Those tables and chairs are SO MSM its sickening! How much do those run these days. In hopes you will find what ur looking on Christmas. Santa baby-Brooke has been a very good girl this year!! xoxo Senta (not to be confused with Santa… tehehe)

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