Bathroom Bewilderment

The more I think about the holidays, family, and hosting thirty people on Christmas Eve for the first time in my life, the more I begin to wig out. Not about food or anything like that….crazytown (me) had the menu figured out directly after Thanksgiving. No…No…I’m thinking about how bland my guest bathroom is. I can’t help it. But when you spend as much time as I do in the bathroom -wait, eeeew I have a preschooler, not irritable bowel syndrome – you get to thinking about these things. So as we sing-songily wash “top and bottom, top and bottom, in between! in between!” (sung to the tune of ‘here comes thumbkin’) my mind wanders from sterile hands to sterile surroundings.

Case in point:

Builder Beige with Edgar Degas print I’ve had FOREVER. There’ll be no lines for this loo!
Bland Bathroom with some MCM art glass thrown up in the window for your pooping privacy. Creative, I know. Don’t be mad. It’s genetic.
Ah, the token Target orchid. Beige and white seems to be the only theme here. Time for a change.

Do you see what I mean, people?  SO BLAH, right? I want my bathroom to have SOME sort of personality or color, or interest or something! It’s no secret that I am incredibly thrifty, so I remembered that I have a gallon of medium turquoise paint in the garage that’s never been opened – but the thought of such a bright color scares even me, so I’m blogging to solicit suggestions. Huge growth on my part here. Waiting. Thinking. Before. Doing.

My “problem” propelled me to do some research online for inspiration. Sexy mid-century bathroom alert! This will never happen for me, but it’s fun to dream:

Here's a reno picture of the bathroom that shall never be: done by designer Gina De Pasquale.
Here’s a reno picture of the bathroom that shall never be: done by designer Gina De Pasquale.

So facing the have-not-for-ridiculously-expensive-renovation conundrum, the geometric pattern of the tiles pictured above got me thinking: What if I could find a wallpaper to give that same effect? I know….I know…most of us have learned the hard way just what a pain in the butt wallpaper can be. But what if it was mid-century-esque, slightly irresistable and eco-friendly? lead me to these hot names in wallpaper: has some pretty cool prints that will make you feel like you’re ‘making’ in the woods. (I had to.)

Seek out Graham & Brown for more serious sh, er- sitting.

Okay, no more potty humor.

These next four are from my favorite wallpaper website for MCM.

To see more wallpaper go to

I’m taking notes, people. Planning, scheming and dreaming. If you’ve seen an inspirational or beautiful bathroom….send a pic or recommendations my way.

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  1. I have some super cute lamps for you at my estate sale in Hemet!!!! 😉 it’s a 3piece set with table/hanging/and an end table lamp…let me know 😉

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