Krud Kutter, Take Me Away!

Blogging is a sort of escape for me. I enjoy it immensely and it allows me to focus other things besides being a wife, mother and all the other labels I’ve earned in life. Recently, though I’ve struggled to move past the sadness I feel over the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut and am left with a loss for words. Writing much of anything this week seemed an impossible task, as unspeakable calamity put my usual fodder in harsh perspective. I would never like to be one to rate a tragedy, but maybe it’s because I’m a mother this awful reality hits home the most for me.  I’m not going to bring others down by sharing my feelings on the matter. Far from it; when I feel a sense of complete helplessness, the two things that help me the most are prayer and what I like to call “creative avoidance” a/k/a, deep cleaning. One of my favorite authors Anasis Nin said it best:

“When I cannot bear outer pressures anymore, I begin to put order in my belongings…As if unable to organize and control my life, I seek to exert this on the world of objects.”

The heavens must have seen my struggles, because a gift package arrived this week from the wonderful folks at Krud Kutter to thank me for a recent blog about a rust removal project where I highlighted the awesomeness that is Krud Kutter. (See Rust Removal 101) Relieved to have something else to focus on, I immediately set about testing out some of the products I received.

I consider myself a cleanly person. I often can be found cleaning; as mentioned above, it’s how I sometimes cope. That said, I was disgusted/delighted by the dirt that the Krud Kutter pulled from my grout.

Here is a before and after…

Nasty Grout Sample Before
Nasty Grout Sample Before
Nice Grout Sample After
Kitchen bar area soaking in Original Krud Kutter solution (about 10 minutes)
(OMD!) Oh my disgusting
(OMD!) Oh my disgusting….
I used a firm bristle brush pulled from a mop I had laying around and any elbow grease I would have needed was obliterated by the Krud Kutter’s karate power.
Kitchen Bar area after
Kitchen Bar area after

I’m so pleased, I could bathe in this stuff. No…I don’t get paid to say that. Aside from the Lord, it was my salvation in a time of necessary distraction from the troubles of the world.

Are you in need of escape too? Head to Home Depot….and for $4.97 you can pick up some Original Krud Kutter and get to work! Cleanliness is Godliness….or so they say….but I say it’s divine distraction.

Krud Kutter, Take Me Away!
Krud Kutter, Take Me Away!

Next stop….the shower grout!!!!!  Thanks Krud Kutter. I am ever devoted to thee.

One thought on “Krud Kutter, Take Me Away!

  1. I am sold. Actually, I thought about your original post the other day as I noticed some weird rust building up on some outdoor furniture. And, cleaning is wonderfully therapeutic. Many a night, when preparing to study for finals, I would clean my room and bathroom to a sparkling shine. I need to write employee reviews right now because it is year-end. So, my office is, consequently, spotless. Have a great holiday!!!!!

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