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Now that the living rooms are pretty much “decorated” and done, I can turn my focus to other projects. We live in a 20-year old home that has done pretty well to retain it’s new-ish look…well, all except for the kitchen cabinets which are like going back in time. Simply put, they’re a dated dead-giveaway. The rest of my house is just so with regard to design, but that’s entirely intentional. I love mid-century modern decor and that’s evident when you walk in.  A large scale renovation really isn’t in the cards, unless someone at decides to pick me up as a staff blogger. I’m no negative Nelly, but let’s be realistic here: that’s so not going to happen.

Until then, I’ll be dreaming, and building my kitchen “ideabook” on Here is a particularly inspiring blog featuring the favorite Kitchens of the Week for 2012. Do yourself a favor and open a account if you haven’t already. It’s free. You can find pictures that strike you, and save them to a folder of your own creation.

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