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Now that the living rooms are pretty much “decorated” and done, I can turn my focus to other projects. We live in a 20-year old home that has done pretty well to retain it’s new-ish look…well, all except for the kitchen cabinets which are like going back in time. Simply put, they’re a dated dead-giveaway. The rest of my house is just so with regard to design, but that’s entirely intentional. I love mid-century modern decor and that’s evident when you walk in.  A large scale renovation really isn’t in the cards, unless someone at decides to pick me up as a staff blogger. I’m no negative Nelly, but let’s be realistic here: that’s so not going to happen.

Until then, I’ll be dreaming, and building my kitchen “ideabook” on Here is a particularly inspiring blog featuring the favorite Kitchens of the Week for 2012. Do yourself a favor and open a account if you haven’t already. It’s free. You can find pictures that strike you, and save them to a folder of your own creation.

Feature of the Week: Why We Love Midcentury Modern Design

Today I’ll be featuring my favorite article of the month! Houzz contributor Mitchell Parker waxes poetic about what it is that draws us to the mid-century modern aesthetic. I couldn’t pass up sharing this one. Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing updates to my ever-changing “retro deco.”

Minimalist Mentality

This week, I’d like to feature a great article I read that not only holds true to the typical mid-century modern look, but goes deeper into how clutter at home can clutter our minds. This is a tragic story with a happy ending, and I hope you are as inspired by it as I was.