Open for business!

So this is a bit embarrassing. Remember how we moved from .com to .co? Well, that wasn’t working out so well….so MidCenturyObsession is back with WordPress.

There were some issues with the new, beautiful site – more specifically for subscribers that I will describe as less than satisfactory. So if you’ve been missing posts since…..oh…..OCTOBER of 2013….please, by all means, check out while you can. Otherwise going forward, I’ll be writing from here….and it’s good to be home, thanks for your patience and all of that.

Next week, I’ll be writing about trending shops for vintage wares. If you have a life or a job that doesn’t allow for thrifting and pickin’, or you live in an area that isn’t conducive to fabulous finds….look no more. I’ll tell you exactly where you can go. Stay tuned!

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