MidCenturyObsession.co is returning .com

No need for panic! We’re going back to our old format. If you’re on this site, and you’ve had trouble with subscriptions, join us back at midcenturyobsession.com. Soon we’ll be discontinuing this site….and redirecting back to the .com. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

If you were once a subscriber there, no need to do anything….you’ll start getting the posted email updates once a week as used to be the case.

Thanks for hanging in through the changes! This week we’re going to talk Hunters Alley!

Best Regards,


2 thoughts on “MidCenturyObsession.co is returning .com

  1. Oh goodie! Thanks for letting us know. Hunters Alley? Really? Just kidding. They’re a huge competitor of Chairish, so I think you should cover Chairish instead 🙂 And you have an insider for the story!!!

    1. HEY LIN!!! I didn’t know that….but I can certainly do the research on them and include them in the post. I want readers to know where they can go for hand-picked vintage if they don’t have time for the thriftin’ and pickin’!

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