Mystery Guests

The guestroom “re-deco” is finished, and I’m not sure which designer to thank. I recently found this headboard on Craigslist and decided to jump on it. I likened the guest room to a puzzle, and a headboard was the missing piece. This headboard listing read, “possibly Kent Coffey or Kroehler.” (Both mid-century big shots) Personally, it doesn’t matter to me who the maker is, it would just be fun to know the history behind this piece. I’ve looked, and I can’t find anything out there like it right now.  My biggest thanks go to the seller for working with me on price, and my husband for driving to San Diego to pick up this treasure without complaint.

Picked this guy up for $100. Pretty good deal for vintage MCM.
Picked this guy up for $100. Pretty good deal for vintage MCM.

010 002

I selected this headboard for the following reasons: 1. It’s fab. 2. Price was right. 3. The swoops in the top match the drawer pulls on my night stands. Slightly psychotic, I know.

005 007

Before and After Shots:

002 002

Not a t.v. makeover, by any stretch, but it’s a cozier spot now in my humble opinion. I’m glad our tiny guest room is done, and that it’s ready to receive visitors. However mismatched and mysterious the pieces, I think it they alll came together pretty well.

Before I sign off, though I have one more fun piece of trivia for all those Crazy MCM’ers out there:

Who made this…..and have you ever seen anything like it? This is something I found on and the colors were too perfect a fit for my home to pass up:

The description read: ” Unbelievable mid-century modern atomic table lamp with gorgeous teal blue and green colors. This was created in a drip fashion. The interior has a wool-type burlap surround. In the style of Royal Haeger, though it is unmarked and a little more wild than their typical style. I have not found any information for this very elusive lamp on the internet.”

Also, there’s a tiny switch on the back of the lamp in addition to the one under the harp that indicates that the base may also have lit up at one time.


It’s so marvelous, it could only go one place…..on “Nana’s” credenza. I do believe when I was debating about the necessity of buying a third lamp for one room, my grandmother helped me decide . Usually I am a very frugal and practical gal. If I don’t really need whatever the item in question,  I won’t get it. This lamp just grabbed me and stuck with me for days before I decided. When I finally came around and asked myself…”Geez..should I spring for it? Do I really want this?” My answer came swiftly and as if from someone else, “Does a bear shit in the woods?”

I heard you Nana. Loud and clear.

4 thoughts on “Mystery Guests

  1. Nothing psychotic about minding the details. They really do count as we can all see in the picture – VERY nice!! You’ve made a vast improvement on your guest room. Clean, uncluttered Danish Mid-Century Modern meets the 21st century . You go girl!!

    Wish I could help you with the lamp…


  2. That lamp is really unique. I bet if you emailed Dana@Mid2Mod she would be kind enough to ID it. She knows everything. Seriously. Also, the headboard completes the room. Totally. And the bubble lights are just right on each side of the bed. Everything looks really in proportion too. Good eye!

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